palo alto sales slips


im wondering if anyone knows who does the job of entering the sales slip customer info from palo alto.  i have several pink copies that are completely illegible and i’d like to get the white copies back for my own list.  i could send a s.a.s.e to make that happen, but to whom?  this would be for whoever has ours, pizzichillo-gordon.  thanks very much.


  1. April Zilber says

    Hi Dari,

    After reconciliation is completed all the artist packets will be in the hands of Kimi Masui. Perhaps she would be willing to photocopy the white slips that you need? ACGA needs to keep the original white copies to send to our mailing house. The box with your sales packet has already been given to one of the reconciliation volunteers, and I don’t know if they have a copy machine. If I get to pick up that box from the volunteer, perhaps I can make the copies. Please email me with the dates/names for the ones you need, or if that is impossible, let me know which ones you do not need, and we’ll try to copy the rest of them for you. Some years I remember to look at my pink copies before I turn in my tally packet, and I re-write the info when it is hard to read. Thanks, April

  2. Bill Geisinger says

    I’m hoping that the new sales slips will do a better job with the information. Kimi Masui is your connection for information on the sales slips.

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