Exhibitors – your feedback wanted about the Festival

Hello exhibitors,

I have received only 20 Exhibitor Feedback forms – thank you to those artists, you know who you are.  The Festival Committee and Giant Creative value your comments and want to hear about your positive and not so positive experiences so we can continue to improve the festival.  If you haven’t already mailed a form, please email or mail directly to April (see below).  Please copy and paste the questions into an email or word doc before answering.  Please do not reply to this post, it will be more difficult for me to manage.

Thanks for helping us do a better job,

April Zilber

Festival Liaison

897 Hillcrest Dr., Felton, CA  95018  or  zilberglass@earthlink.net


2016 Palo Alto Clay & Glass Festival Exhibitor Feedback

1) I like my booth space                                    yes | no | comments:

2) My volunteer job went well                           yes | no | comments:

3) Communication with Giant Creative:            great | needs work | comments:

4) Saturday night party food was good             yes | no | comments:

5) Artist morning food was good                         yes | no | comments:

6) Food booth/food truck quality was good       yes | no | comments:

7) Any customer feedback we should hear?

8) Did you see the festival advertised in any media? Where?

9) Best experience at Festival?

10) Worst experience at Festival?

11) Ideas to make the Festival better?

We appreciate your feedback! Feel free to write on the back if you need more space.

Please turn in at checkout or mail to:          April Zilber, 897 Hillcrest Dr.   Felton, CA 95018


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